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Support Our TroopsThank you ALL for your donations to our men and women overseas! You cannot imagine how much they appreciate the ability to sit and smoke a cigar. We get requests for cigar and pipe tobacco donations every week from Soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. We try and send something to everyone who puts in a request. You can imagine how nice it is for the troops to sit and smoke a quality cigar, especially one that was given to them by someone from “home.”

If you have ever been inspired to do something for the Soldiers, this is a great opportunity to show your gratitude. Simply select any of the specially priced boxes below and add them to your cart. Include a personal message in the customer notes section. All shipping costs will be paid by Uptown Cigars and each package will include a personalized note informing the troops of their benefactor.

The recipients typically will send us pictures of their company or their smoking circle enjoying your donated cigars. We would like to thank those of you that have taken the time to offer cigars to send to our military. It is a beautiful thing to see people step up and do something that makes a real difference for these courageous men and women.

To our brave men and women serving overseas: THANK YOU for your tremendous service to our country. We are forever indebted to you!

—Michelle, Israel, Diane, Dennis, and Zoe

Support Our Troops!