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About Uptown CigarOwner of Uptown Cigar Company, Michelle Tuchman (second from right), was always ready to welcome guests into her spacious cigar lounge in Kingston, New York. Bringing a bottle of their favorite spirits, cigar aficionados came regularly and made Uptown their home away from home. After 14 years of servicing New York locals with their favorite smokes, draconian taxes implemented by the state have forced Uptown Cigar to uproot themselves from their longtime home and move their operations to Florida, where they can continue to service their friends and patrons without the heavy burden of anti tobacco legislation. So in July of 2010, Michelle humbly closed the doors to her Kingston brick & mortar shop. With the help of Michelle’s long time friend and store manager, Israel “Isy” (center) , Uptown Cigar packed up and moved to Florida. Originally from Florida, Isy’s trek back to his roots to launch the new Uptown Cigar website was an exciting next step in his cigar journey. With their new home in the cigar friendly state of Florida, Uptown Cigar hopes to offer their patrons a larger selection of their favorite smokes at the most competitive prices, along with that added little touch of hospitality that has been the source of Uptown Cigar’s growth and popularity over the years. Your 100% satisfaction in each and every transaction is the ultimate goal of Uptown Cigar. Please do not hesitate to contact Michelle or Isy with any needs or concerns you may have. Uptown Cigar always welcomes your feedback so keep in touch. Follow Uptown Cigar on Facebook and Twitter.